Hannah x Hanna

It's Me!

About The Project

An energetic duo who share the same name, Hannah and Hanna hit it off from day one.

A fervent K-pop fan, Hannah was beyond excited to meet Hanna, a native Korean, to learn how to speak, read, write and type in the Korean language. They learnt through games, spontaneous conversations, audio books and online flashcards.

Using all the new words picked up over the course of a few months, they created an original K-pop song titled It’s Me!. Choosing the basic chords and writing the lyrics together, they co-created a song to share Hannah’s infectious positivity with those around her.

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It's Me!

About Hannah

Hannah dreams of becoming a K-Pop star and wants to live in Korea one day. She is bubbly, positive and greets everyone cheerfully by their names. Her love for languages extends beyond Korean and she sometimes affectionately peppers her conversations with Mandarin, Bahasa and even Thai around familiar faces. Her other hobbies include balloon-sculpting and nagomi pastel art.

About Hanna

Hanna is a principal and vocal coach at The Vocal Studio Singapore, with 10 years of teaching experience and specializes in Broadway musicals as well as pop and Korean music. She is also a professional music therapist working with children and adults in special education. Her purpose as a vocal trainer and music therapist is in helping people connect with their inner self and let it shine through music and singing.

Apps used

Zoom, Jamboard, GarageBand, Splice, Quizlet, Notes