Aliyya x Elisa

Rockstar Fashionista

About The Project

Bringing Aliyya deep into the world of adaptive fashion, Elisa shows her the technology and process behind the scenes of Will & Well. From defining challenges, brainstorming for ideas to testing prototypes, we did not shy away from introducing Design Thinking to 12-year old Aliyya.

This project began with the aim to design a mask that Aliyya can take on and off more independently, as her drool wets at least three masks in a day. Elisa also introduced disability role models like Zoe Zora, who shared great tips that aspiring model Aliyya was eager to show off during her first ever photoshoot.

Hop over to Aliyya’s GROW project to find out more about how she developed the print designs with artist Yellow Mushmellow.

Watch the development video ➔

About Aliyya

Aliyya is fashionable, confident and enthusiastic about art. She has cerebral palsy and global developmental delay. Aliyya’s iPad is her augmentative and alternative communication (AAC) device and she enjoys short email exchanges. She accurately describes herself as funny, learns fast and good with technology. In her free time, she enjoys vocalizing to Disney songs and being an affectionate big sister to a pair of younger twin siblings.

About Elisa

Elisa Lim is the founder of Will & Well (@willandwell) and a spirited social entrepreneur that started her journey with an interest in fashion design. Along the journey, she discovered a deeper interest in social design and innovation. She believes that the approach applied in designing inclusive apparels could also be used through other mediums and in other industries.

Apps used

Zoom, Jamboard, Slides, Sketchbook